Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Just a point of grammar that's been driving me crazy.  The word is "unique."  This word is very much like the word "dead."
Let me fill you in.  Something or someone is either unique or not unique.  There is no kind of unique or very unique, etc. I'm reminded of Miracle Max in the movie, "The Princess Bride," who said something along the lines of--this man isn't dead--he's only mostly dead!
You're either dead or alive.  There are no degrees of dead.
Unique is very much the same.  The very meaning of unique is one of a kind.  So unique simply doesn't exist.  It's either unique or it's not.
To say that something is very unique would be to describe a woman as a little bit pregnant.  It simply doesn't work.  I'm sure that Vizzini would agree--such misuse is inconceivable!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Suffice to say, when the manager of an establishment has to board a shuttle bus departing a wedding to ask if you specifically made it onto said bus and if you think you're ok to make it back to the hotel, you've probably overdone it. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Man With The Yellow Hat

I was unable to provide answers when my son questioned me as to the nature of the relationship between Curious George and the man with the yellow hat.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Leave Your Shirt On

I was present for the Phish 2 day run at Jones Beach over the 4th of July this past week.  There's something bothering me that I just have to vent about.  We're all together in this thing called life.  There's this thing called a society, and being part of one includes you in a certain code of ethics that need to be followed.  Having said that, one of those things applies to concerts:
Wear your shirt!
We are all pressed together in fairly close quarters, and it is a violation of basic decorum to go shirtless during a concert.  I'm not talking about an outdoor GA lawn venue, where your are free to hang out in the back away from the masses and generally subscribe to a looser code.  I'm addressing a venue with seats, where bodies are basically cramped in tight side by side, front and back.  There is a certain social credence, by which we have consideration for our fellow persons.  This pertains to wearing your shirt at a concert.  I don't strictly direct this to the fat, hairy, sweaty men.  This is directed to all people--even you, Mr. "I spend 20 hours a week at the gym."  This also includes women, of all ilk.  Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the female form.  However, there is a time and place for everything, and a concert is a time and place for the shirted.
The shirt is the basic fiber that allows for the separation of your sweaty body from other persons who don't want anything to do with your excretion of bodily fluids.  Violating this social contract is simply poor form.  I understand that is unconscionably hot outside.  I understand the desire to get cool by the simple removal of one's shirt.  I also understand that this is not a beach or a swimming pool, and that there must be a consideration for others.
Just think about it.  You're at a concert, your dancing, or listening, or just doing your thing.  The music is flowing.  You're finding your groove.  Just then, a sweaty, hairy shoulder blade slides across your forearm.  That's it.  Just like that the groove is shaken.  Sure it's only a temporary moment, and you're sure to shake it off.  But that moment did not have to happen if the guy next to you would simply leave his shirt on!
End rant...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Products That Work 2

Recently, I acquired an iPad 2. There are several cover options, but the one I've found to be not only the best product, but also the best value was: click me.
This cover, from is a better designed, less expensive version of apple's own smart cover. This cover offers protection for the back of the device--whereas the apple smart cover only protects the front of the device. Also, this product clips on securely and stays on, unlike apple's version which with its flimsy magnetic clip on design, falls off constantly.
Just like apple's version, this cover offers a magnetic cover that turns the device on and off when it is opened and closed. It also folds to provide both an upright stand and gently angled keyboard stand.
Do yourself a favor. Buy the better product, and save yourself a few dollars. The monoprice version is about $10, while the apple version ranges from $30-$55.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Houston Texans

I feel pretty bad for the Houston Texans. With Peyton Manning likely out for the season, and the Colts off to a dreadful start, this was their big chance to win their division and make a little noise in the playoffs. All of a sudden, a "hurdle" in the road of their top wide receiver.--Now a tough, season-ending injury to Mario Williams, not only one of their best defensive players, but arguably one of the top 10 defensive players in all of the AFC, if not the NFL.
The AFC South now looks to be a two team race with the Titans, with Jacksonville down in the dumps, with no hope at all of getting rescued by a Hall of Fame quarterback in this season or the next.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Products That Work

It's been way too long since I've posted anything here, but I was so psyched by a new product I purchased that I just had to share. I have a Weber Genesis Gold B natural gas grill, circa 2005. This was the closest I got to finding it for you to see, so here goes. The grill does everything I need it to do, which goes well beyond the scope of this post, but let's just say, I really have this grill down, using a variety of cooking techniques.
On Friday, I was checking out a fairly local grill store, and came across the Weber Grill Out Handle Light. I purchased mine for $25--though it can be found online for $20.
I have to say, it assembled quite easily, and it provides a pretty solid light. I may consider adding a second, but that may be overkill, and it may crowd the handle which would make opening and closing the grill unnecessarily cumbersome.
The grill has a simple push button on/off control, and it can be moved and redirected with minimal effort. It also has a powersave feature. The light goes into a standby mode when the cover is closed. Apparently, there is some kind of level mechanism in the light so that it comes on when the lid is open, and dims when the lid is shut. The light does remain on slightly in standby mode, so the batteries (3 AAA) would drain if left on overnight. However, it does make using the light easier during an evening of cooking, without having to turn it on/off and not having to worry about draining the battery. Just remember that the last step in cleaning the grill at the end of the evening is to make sure that light is off. Problem solved.
The light seems to work so well, that I'll have very little need for my older grill light, which was solid, but had to be taken out and set up each time. With this new light, it's simply there whenever I need it.